Fugitive Emissions Course



For industry professionals concerned with equipment, environmental issues, and industry standards and practices, this course will cover the basics of fugitive emissions and refresh your knowledge.


The course will include:

  • The history of fugitive emissions testing
  • Terms and definitions
  • Industry practices
  • Types of equipment
  • Implementation of practices
  • Manufacturing process improvements
  • Packing Manufacturer’s Fugitive Emission “Best Available Control Technology (BACT)”
  • Improvements for the future


Attendees receive:

• Certificate of completion
• Lunch, snacks and drink
• Fugitive Emissions Workbook with notes from the course
• Print copy of Valve World Americas journal
• Digital subscription to Fugitive Emissions journal


For more information, please contact Lindsay Jackson at 1-416-361-7030 or by email at l.jackson@kci-world.com.