Steering Committee 2020

CHAIRMAN: Bronson Pate, Global Vice President, RFS Compliance Solutions


Nasr Alkadi, Energy Ecology and Sustainability Leader, Baker Hughes

David Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director, Score Diagnostics

Mitchell Anderson, Technical Director – Butterfly Valves and R&D, Bray International

Joel Baulch, Director – Engineering & Technical Services, Teadit Group

Tom Blake, Vice President of Sales, Jet-Lube

Troy Boley, Vice President & Co-Founder, Spectrum Environmental

Steve Butler, Consultant

Luke Chou, Assistant Plant Director, Neway

Davi Correia, Senior Mechanical Engineer

George Davet, Executive Vice President, Solon Manufacturing

Ned Davis, Founder, Maui Innovation Group

Carlos E. Davila, PE, Product Manager, Crane ChemPharma & Energy

Samuel Davis, President, RFS Compliance Solutions

Dan DeVine, Valve Technology & Piping Material Consultant, Midland Engineering

Brindesh Dhruva, Chief Marketing & Technology Officer, Bray International

Jim Drago, Principal Applications Engineer, Garlock Sealing Technology

Claire Dwyer, Piping Material Engineer, Fluor

Matthew Gobert, Vice President, EMSI

Tim Goedeker, Senior Principal Environmental Consultant, Phillips66

Paul Heald, Vice President of Product Engineering, Specialties & China Operations, Bonney Forge

Tanya Jackson, LDAR Division, Director of Client Account, Montrose Air Quality Services

Greg Johnson, CEO, United Valve

William Karlen, Senior Design Engineer, Bray International

Mark Kelsey, LDAR Subject Matter Expert and Third- Party Lead Consent Decree Auditor, Tricord Consulting

Gobind Khiani, Global Subject Matter Expert, P.E., M.E., Enbridge

Phil Mahoney, Director of Engineering Services for Stationary Equipment, A.W. Chesterton

Kevin Moses, Director of Operations, LDARtools

Craig O’Neill, Director of Business Development, FLIR Systems

Rodney Roth, Global Valve & Subject Matter Expert

Michael Shorts, President, Triangle Fluid Controls

Ray Smalts, Environmental Specialist II, HollyFrontier Corporation/Navajo Refining Company

Rafael Souza, Mechanical Engineer, Promon

Brandon Sumners, Principal Applications Engineer, Airgas

Foster Voelker II, Director of Engineering, Beric Valves

Steven West, LDAR/Environmental Engineer, Solvay

Gerald Whitley, Vice President of Product Development, CIRCOR International

Christopher Wild, Department Chair of Physical Science/Engineering, San Jacinto College